A history and study of raku ware

A potter at work in Jaura, Madhya PradeshIndia Clay ware takes on varying physical characteristics during the making of pottery. Greenware refers to unfired objects. At sufficient moisture content, bodies at this stage are in their most plastic form they are soft and malleable, and hence can be easily deformed by handling. Leather-hard refers to a clay body that has been dried partially.

A history and study of raku ware

It was conceived in as an online meeting place for pursuits of a distinctly non-digital variety: A combination of puppet Theatre, animation and Phantasmagoria, this unique contraption will make for a unique interactive experience.

Jim and his animation technicians will feed the machine to create a Plasti-Scene A history and study of raku ware your very eyes and you can be part of it! Make a mini effigy of yourself or let your imagination go wild and make what ever takes your fancy. Give your Masterpiece to one of the technicians who will then feed it in to the machine and it will be added to the evolving scene that captures the magic of The Good Life Experience.

From blank canvas to finished film you can take part and even appear in this unusual experience.

A history and study of raku ware

In the three years since, Steve and Kirsty have opened up our their seaside workshop just outside of Brighton, where they host a number of courses, teaching traditional skills and crafts. Steve also hand makes a range of premium quality lifestyle and traditional adventure gear, which he thoroughly enjoys putting through its paces!

Embrace the chance to get creative, be inspired and even take home something handmade.

The Origin of Raku Ware

He also runs regular blacksmithing courses from The Forge in Somerset. Like most country people, Ed Hunt always carries a knife in his pocket. Making knives became a passion as Ed experimented with different designs and different materials Alex and Ed will be running demonstrations and workshops throughout the festival.

Expect to see a great deal of fire, hot steel and sparks flying at the fully functioning forge set-up with Alex and Ed showing you how to get hands-on with this most ancient of traditional crafts and proving its provenance and rightful place in modern society.

He particularly has a keen interest in greenwood work and traditional crafts. Dave will give festival goers to the chance to participate in short workshops where they will be able to make their own spatula, butter knife and more, getting to grips with the skills of axemanship.

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Margaret Markland Weaver Margaret Markland worked in the fashion industry for many years, first as a pattern cutter for a couture design house then as a seamstress. She also had clothes shops and worked on tailoring alterations. She loves all the new types of yarns available especially the hand spun variety, and she is a member of the spinners and weavers guild here in North Wales.

She set up Golden Bear Belts in and sells her collections at Liberty, London and worldwide boutiques. Louise also runs leather crafting workshops and we are thrilled that she will be returning to The Good Life Experience in with her hugely popular workshops.

At the festival Louise will teach the basics of leather crafting and a range of surface decoration methods; how to emboss, stamp, scribe, cut, hand paint and gild.

She will run belt workshops for adults, and for children there will be classes to make leather eye patches,wristbands for superheroes and pouches for foraging in the woods. Festival goers will be able to take home new skills, imaginative ideas and their own hand crafted works of art. Helen and her team of three are bringing three kilns to The Good Life Experience to teach festival goers all about the raku firing technique, a spectacular and dramatic way of firing that produces amazing colours, from metallic coppers and golds to blue and white crackles.

The team will have a whole lot of hand thrown pots at the ready that participants can glaze themselves, and some of the workshops will take place after dark, which is quite something to see. He produces recipe videos for the River Cottage food-tube channel and teaches both at the River Cottage Cookery School and internationally.

His business, Stillworks, coaches individuals, teams and organisations on Mindful Productivity, Mindfulness and Yoga. He is also co-creator of the iPhone app, Breathe Sync, that brings your breathing into sync with your heart to reduce stress and improve focus.

He believes the world needs to calm down and we would all get a lot more done if we did. His first book Do Breathe: She specialises in simple and graphic prints that complement a wide range of home styles.

Amongst her clients there are John Lewis and Jamie Oliver. She has also collaborated individually with Pedlars and Future and Found on a wide range of projects over the years. Gail is a firm believer that good design will always last the test of time.

Her products are designed to last both in design and manufacture, and are hand-printed and hand-sewn in London. Ultimately, her aim is to create things that can passed down through the generations, like the collection of linen she has inherited from her own family.

Their story began with a desire to create objects by hand, using simple techniques and traditional materials, to be closer to the objects in their everyday life. To return to a more sustainable time when quality and craftsmanship were valued over the mass produced and poorly constructed.

To know the person who creates the everyday object, and the care and time that is involved in that process.

A history and study of raku ware

Their goods are designed and made in a small workshop in rural Wales, and at the core of their designs is a love of simple clean lines, considered detailing, and above all elsefunctionality. When not designing and making, they can be found exploring the wild hills and valleys of Wales with dogs in tow, or otherwise mostly reading, eating vegetables, and stargazing.

After leaving music college he ended up working in cutlery factory, as was the family tradition. After working in various departments he ended up in the pen and pocket workshop where he remained for three years before leaving to study history at university.MIKE GARRY. Mike Garry was a librarian for 15 years before becoming a poet.

His gritty poetry has won the admiration far and wide and his collaboration with New Order in New York's Carnegie Hall in received five star reviews. A A VANTINE & COMPANY; Around the s Ashley A.

Vantine started a provision and supply business in San Francisco. He continued in California until , when he came to New-York and established himself in the Oriental goods business, opening his first shop for oriental wares in New York in on Broadway, near Eighth-street. Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin Associate in Arts Degree in Art.

The Associate of Arts in Art degree focuses on visual literacy and provides an opportunity to develop skills that are needed to be successful in the field of art.

A recent study proved that Raku ware shared technical roots in sancai ware of the Ming Dynasty China from the Henan Province. Colourful sancai ware with green, yellow and brown glazes later became also known as Cochin ware to group this type of colourful glazed ware in Japan.

Making of Raku ware was initiated by Chôjirô, the first generation of the Raku family, during the Momoyama period (). At that time three-coloured glazed pottery, san cai ware, based on technology from the Fujian region of China was produced in and around Kyoto.

Chôjirô was presumably familiar with such techniques.

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