An analysis of the opposing views in the death penalty in the us

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An analysis of the opposing views in the death penalty in the us

Capital punishment -- the death penalty Opposing views on the death penalty: Allegedly invalid techniques of biblical analysis. An article by a retired federal judge opposing the death penalty: InRetired Federal Judge H.

Lee Sarokin wrote an article in the Huffington Post 1,2 urging Pat Quinn, the governor of Illinois, to sign a bill passed by the legislature that would repeal the death penalty in that state. In my view deterrence plays no part whatsoever. I do not believe persons contemplating or committing murder plan to get caught or weigh the consequences.

Statistics demonstrate that states without the death penalty have consistently lower murder rates than states with it, but frankly I think those statistics are immaterial and coincidental.

Fear of the death penalty may cause a few to hesitate, but certainly not enough to keep it in force, and the truth is that there is no way of ever knowing whether or not the death penalty deters. Because of the growing number of reversals, new trials and exonerations, the appeal process has become slow, long and expensive.

The death penalty is final and irreversible, and as a result, counsel are aggressive and courts are thorough. I cannot say whether or not the costs associated with appeals exceed those of life-time incarceration, but cost should certainly not be a determining factor in whether or not a person lives or dies.

Race plays a role in who becomes eligible for the death penalty and against whom it is imposed. I would suppose that this is a factor that could be corrected prospectively, but it is a risk that we should not be willing to undertake based upon past history.

This issue likewise has been discussed for years. After a lifetime of watching the death penalty at work, I believe that despite our understandable desire for revenge, retribution and even death for the most horrendous of crimes, the state should not be the carrier and enforcer of those emotions.

I recognize and respect the opposite view, but I just cannot accept that the intentional killing by the state of an individual is moral. However, the most compelling argument for me is the fact that we have executed innocent persons and others are scheduled for execution and others undoubtedly will be in the future.

Thanks to the Medill Innocence Project and others like it, and persons like Barry Scheck and his work with DNA, innocent persons have been snatched from lethal injections or other forms of execution, sometimes just moments before they were to die.

If none of the forgoing arguments are persuasive, this should and must carry the day.

An analysis of the opposing views in the death penalty in the us

I suppose one could argue that the comparison is not apt because he was acting knowingly and intentionally in killing an innocent person, and the state is not, but in both cases the victims would be innocent and that is something no civilized nation should allow or tolerate.

Later that year, the Illinois Legislature passed a bill abolishing the death penalty and the governor signed it into law. A comment by a professor of political science in favor of the death penalty: John McAdams, professor of political science, at Marquette University, stated:Apr 29,  · “The case comes to us,” Roberts said, “in a posture where it’s recognized that your client is guilty of a capital offense, it’s recognized that your client is eligible for the death penalty, that that has been duly imposed.

Capital punishment -- the death penalty

Essay on Article Analysis: O'Sullivan's View of the Death Penalty Words | 7 Pages. The Article provides numerous reasons the United States and Great Britain should have the death penalty. O’Sullivan addresses all the main counter arguments when explain to his audience his conclusion.

Your analysis seems to be well thought out and an intelligent/educated interpretation. With today’s forensics and DNA evidence, the majority of cases (baring celebrity, media and wealth intervention) are based on scientific evidence.

In recent years, and in the wake of a recent appeal by Pope John Paul II to end the death penalty, religious organizations around the nation have issued statements opposing the death penalty.

Complete texts of many of these statements can be found at Capital punishment, or the death penalty is one of the mostdebated issues in the Criminal Justice Sysem and is a verycontroversial issue among society.

The two most commonviews are either completely for or against capitalpunishment. This book explores opposing views on whether the death penalty constitutes cruel and unusual punishment, whether death sentences are handed out fairly, and whether capital punishment is an effective deterrent.

An analysis of the opposing views in the death penalty in the us
Edwin Chairez-Capital Punishment: Rhetorical Analysis