Caucasia my summary

The book describes the personal story of Birdie Lee, a young girl growing up in Boston in the mids to early 80s. Birdie and Cole are thus forced to choose a racial identity on the basis of their looks alone. The girls spend much of their time playing together in their attic room, even inventing their own language, which continues to be their unique connection throughout the story. But domestic life takes a bad turn when their parents Sandy and Deck, who frequently argue, finally split up for good.

Caucasia my summary

Deck Lee was one of Sandy's father's students,an intellectual, his head full of Caucasia my summary, his motivation always to pursue them and commit them to paper.

The two fall in love, their marriage Sandy's ultimate rebellious act, Deck is black. But the story isn't really about these two, the intellectual and the pra Sandy is the daughter of a white New England family steeped in certain WASPish traditions and perspectives, a way she is familiar with, yet wishes to challenge both physically and vociferously.

But the story isn't really about these two, the intellectual and the practical parent, but their daughters, Birdie and Cole, girls who have traces of their parents and grandparents within them, traces they won't see until much later.

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Birdie and Cole are so close, they have their own made up language they speak fluently, that no one else can understand. The rest of society judges them on appearance, for Birdie appears white and her older sister Cole appears to be black. When their parents relationship comes under the strain of their mother's activism activities that atract the attention of the FBIand their father's intellectual distance and obsession with pursuing it, the girls are separated, Cole going to Brazil with her father, attracted by her father's black girlfriend who knows how to deal with her hair, acting on adolescent impulses and Birdie whose lighter skin means she can pass as a white girl, goes on the run with her mother assuming a new identity.

The novel is seen through the eyes of Birdie, growing up as just another daughter of these two parents and yet marked by the colour of her skin. The sisters are close and yet their experiences are different, they will slip in and out of identites only to come back to who they always were, a mix of everything that came before and that unique aspect that makes them themsemves.

Cole leaves for Brazil with her father and Birdie is on the run with her white activist mother fleeing the authorities.

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The story is narrated from the point of view of Birdie and although she feels just like her sister, there were already signs of their differences in the behaviour of those closest to them.

Birdie travels with her mother, losing all contact with her sister and father and integrates into a new life and school as someone she is not, she accepts it, but the truth seethes beneath the surface of all her interactions, she becomes numb to the misconceptions about who she is, until she has had enough and decides to go looking for Cole and her father.

The less I behaved like myself, the more I could believe that this was still a game. That my real self — Birdie Lee — was safely hidden my beige flesh, and that when the right moment came, I would reveal her, preserved, frozen solid in the moment in which I had left her.

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A courageous effort to place the reader in the mind of a character who is like a changeling, crossing racial and geographic boundaries, making choices that will ensure not just her survival, but that she gets the answers she is looking for.

A thought provoking debut, with a memorable narrator, in a situation that deserves to be experienced or at least imagined by everyone.Caucasia takes place in nineteen seventy-five and Boston was a racial battle ground especially for one family the Lees.

Birdie Lee,a half white half black eight year old girl, tells her story of fleeing the racial war and hiding her identity.

Caucasia my summary

Caucasia has 6, ratings and reviews. T.J. said: The first time I read this book was on a a rainy bus ride in the San Francisco bay area, and I sur 4/5. Caucasia Summary SuperSummary, a modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, offers high-quality study guides that feature detailed chapter summaries and analysis of major themes, characters, quotes, and essay topics.

Caucasia My Summary. Topics: Racism, Alicia my Story Summary In the memoir “Alicia my Story” written by Alicia Appleman Jurman is an amazing book about how a Jewish girl named Alicia who tries to survive living in a area where the German occupation was.

In doing so she saved lives of some of the Jewish people and rebelled against the. Caucasia () is an American novel written by Danzy Senna. Caucasia is the coming-of-age story of Birdie and Cole, multiracial sisters who have a white mother and black father.

Caucasia my summary

The novel is set in Boston, Massachusetts during the turbulent mids. Feb 02,  · Caucasia was a really good novel. In fact, I had known that it was so intriguing a read, I would have read it sooner. This was a book that has been on the shelves for so 4/5.

Caucasia My Summary Essay – Free Papers and Essays Examples