Comparison deirdre and baile s strand william butler yeats

When my arms wrap you round I press My heart upon the loveliness That has long faded from the world; The jewelled crowns that kings have hurled In shadowy pools, when armies fled; The love-tales wrought with silken thread By dreaming ladies upon cloth That has made fat the murderous moth; The roses that of old time were Woven by ladies in their hair. The dew-cold lilies ladies bore Through many a sacred corridor Where such gray clouds of incense rose That only the gods' eyes did not close:

Comparison deirdre and baile s strand william butler yeats

In both movements Yeats was a key participant. His mother, formerly Susan Pollexfen, was the daughter of a prosperous merchant in Sligoin western Ireland. Indeed, he was separated from both historical traditions available to him in Ireland—from the Roman Catholics, because he could not share their faith, and from the Protestants, because he felt repelled by their concern for material success.

Inwhen Yeats was only two, his family moved to London, but he spent much of his boyhood and school holidays in Sligo with his grandparents. In his family moved back to Dublinwhere he attended the high school. In he attended the Metropolitan School of Art in Dublin, where the most important part of his education was in meeting other poets and artists.

Meanwhile, Yeats was beginning to write: When the family moved back to London inYeats took up the life of a professional writer. He joined the Theosophical Societywhose mysticism appealed to him because it was a form of imaginative life far removed from the workaday world. The age of science was repellent to Yeats; he was a visionary, and he insisted upon surrounding himself with poetic images.

He began a study of the prophetic books of William Blakeand this enterprise brought him into contact with other visionary traditions, such as the Platonicthe Neoplatonic, the Swedenborgian, and the alchemical.


Yeats was already a proud young man, and his pride required him to rely on his own taste and his sense of artistic style. He was not boastful, but spiritual arrogance came easily to him.

Yeats quickly became involved in the literary life of London. He became friends with William Morris and W.


In Yeats met Maud Gonnean Irish beauty, ardent and brilliant. Maud Gonne liked and admired him, but she was not in love with him. Her passion was lavished upon Ireland; she was an Irish patriot, a rebel, and a rhetorician, commanding in voice and in person.

When Yeats joined in the Irish nationalist cause, he did so partly from convictionbut mostly for love of Maud.

After the rapid decline and death of the controversial Irish leader Charles Stewart Parnell inYeats felt that Irish political life lost its significance. The vacuum left by politics might be filled, he felt, by literatureartpoetrydramaand legend.

She was already collecting old stories, the lore of the west of Ireland. Yeats found that this lore chimed with his feeling for ancient ritual, for pagan beliefs never entirely destroyed by Christianity. He felt that if he could treat it in a strict and high style, he would create a genuine poetry while, in personal terms, moving toward his own identity.

Under the name of the Tower, this structure would become a dominant symbol in many of his latest and best poems. In Yeats asked Maud Gonne to marry him, but she declined.

Four years later she married Major John MacBride, an Irish soldier who shared her feeling for Ireland and her hatred of English oppression: Meanwhile, Yeats devoted himself to literature and drama, believing that poems and plays would engender a national unity capable of transfiguring the Irish nation.

To the end of his life Yeats remained a director of this theatre, which became the Abbey Theatre in Jan 07,  · Read "At the Hawk's Well" by W. B. Yeats with Rakuten Kobo. Born and educated in Dublin, Ireland, William Butler Yeats discovered early in his literary career a fascination with Ir.

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The worlds first known history book. A long. Deirdre and On Baile's Strand are two plays by William Butler Yeats that incorporate a tragic vision.

Comparison deirdre and baile s strand william butler yeats

Both plays deal with a single tragic moment in the life of an important figure. The plays are similar in structure and style. Full text of "A study of the types of literature" See other formats.

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