Development and impact of cyber crime

In fact, in areas such as social and primary care, the justice system, and business, to name just a few, social science is extremely important, and necessary.

Development and impact of cyber crime

Act Two years Rs. All the sentences were ordered to run concurrently. He was also looking Software System of certain other banks. In connection with rendering such services, the petitioner was having access to their accounting system which was computerized and was also in a position to enter into ledgers and various other accounts.

While reconciling the accounts, certain discrepancies were pointed out by the officials of the bank and in that process, it was revealed that the accused-petitioner, who was having SB Account No. As per enquiry, it has been revealed that the accused by carrying out forgery, fabricating the entries in the computer system of the bank, illegally and wrongfully, withdrew Rs.

The said Bank came to know regarding the fraud committed by the accused on On receipt of the complaint, a case bearing FIR No. After completion of investigation, challan against the accused-petitioner was presented in the Court. Thereafter, charge was framed against the accused petitioner to which he pleaded not guilty and claimed trial.

The prosecution, in order to prove its case, examined PW1 A. Thereafter, statement of the accused was recorded under Section Cr. All the incriminating circumstances were put to the accused.

He denied the same and pleaded innocence. The learned trial Court, after appreciation of the evidence,convicted and sentenced the petitioner as aforesaid vide judgment and order dated Thereafter, the petitioner preferred an appeal, which was dismissed by the learned Sessions Judge, Faridabad vide judgment dated Hence, this criminal revision.

I have heard learned counsel for the petitioner and perused the record. Learned counsel further contends that there is no direct evidence to connect the petitioner with the alleged offence in question, therefore, no prima facie case has been made out against the petitioner I have considered the contentions of the learned counsel for the petitioner.

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From perusal of the judgments of both the Courts below, it transpires that the allegations against the petitioner are that the petitioner CRR No. It has come in the documentary evidence on record that the petitioner has forged the entries in the bank record and had thereby withdrawn a sum of Rs.

The learned Trial Court, after appreciating the evidence on record, observed as under: All the prosecution witnesses have supported the prosecution case. The complainant PW-1 A. This fact stand corroborated by document Ex.

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P36 wherein in Team No. P37 along with specimen signature Card Ex. P38 and the cheque book issued register Ex. Further, from the bank statement of account no.

Development and impact of cyber crime

However, nothing is mentioned as to what is the basis of clearing. The accused has also not produced any evidence in this regard. This fact stand corroborated by the report Ex. P34 wherein it is mentioned that the accused has increased interest portion in his own account through first time creation to the extent of Rs.Having been exposed to these cyber-risks does not directly indicate that children have received permanent physical or mental harm.

However, continuous exposure to these risks at an early age poses a danger to overall development, well-being, relationships, and future opportunities for children. Cyber crime is affecting a growing number of businesses, yet few are reporting it.

Computer Weekly lifts the veil on cyber crime reporting, looking at the who, what, when, where, how and why. Jana D. Monroe Assistant Director, Cyber Division, FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation Before House Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on Courts, the Internet and Intellectual Property.

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