Eighteenth-century london by canaletto and hogarth essay

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Eighteenth-century london by canaletto and hogarth essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. He painted townscapes of Venice, Architectural Capriccio — his very first signed work1.

His fascination for architectural sights was reflective in several of his works, including Venice: The Feast Day of St. Roch, where it was more emphasized with the festive mood brought about by some occasion.

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He had drawn the English market, and soon, had temporarily resided in London to address to this potential market. Seen through an Arch of Westminster Bridge, is among the famous works of Canaletto in London, commissioned to paint by the Duke of Northumberland to produce a series of paintings depicting London.

The painting, indeed, has captured the real scenario of the life around the Thames. It pictured London as a progressive city, filled with movement symbolized by the moving ships and the disturbed waters of the river. The frame set by the arch confined the picture of London into a smaller one.


Canaletto used this to emphasize the point of London being progressive though interactions, trade, and industry. However, this painting, though objectively depicts London, has failed to set the London tone — instead, it was masked by the Venetian tone that Canaletto naturally reflected in his paintings combined with the water element of the Thames2.

Technically, Canaletto was successful in stressing the architecture of the time. Being a townscape artist, Canaletto managed to make London an interesting subject for art and architecture.

His details and integration of festive moods within the setting brought a simple and ordinary to the Londoner structure to life. Architecture, during the 18th century London, was a mark of technological and engineering advancement.

This was the time of the Industrial Revolution.

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Though reflective of Venetian art, the painting of the arches had illustrated London advancement along with the undying grandeur of its very own Thames. The river Thames was essential for the financial capital of Europe — London. It was the best means for trade and business.

Eighteenth-century london by canaletto and hogarth essay

And its depiction in this painting made Thames a historical institution in London. The Sunday Times, no. Bartholomew the Great church, Hogarth grew up a real Londoner, depicted in his paintings of London and its people.

Hogarth grew up with two sisters, Mary and Ann. Richard Hogarth, his father, had set out his sights for a better life in London when he left Westmorland.

For his talent in the visual arts, William Hogarth was apprenticed by Mr. Ellis Gamble, a silver-plate engraver in Leicester Fields. InHogarth completed a series of engravings that established him as a great English artist.

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The involvement of two public figures in this satire made the series a real and rather relative to the present condition of London. This series begins with a country girl, who became a prostitute in town, kept as a mistress, became a common prostitute, jailed for her profession, infected with a sexually-transmitted disease, and died insignificantly2.

Through his satires, he showed what real London is made of; not some fancy picturesque landscapes.Hogarth’s prints play out the sins of eighteenth-century London in a kind of visual theater that was entirely new and novel in their day.

William Hogarth, A Harlot’s Progress, plate 1, , etching with engraving on paper, x 38 cm. Eighteenth-Century London by Canaletto and Hogarth Essay Sample Giovanni Antonio Canal, or Canaletto, was a trained scene painter since childhood.

He painted townscapes of Venice, Architectural Capriccio () – his very first signed work1. Hogarth, Turner, Soane & Canaletto. RECENT EXHIBITIONS IN LONDON have allowed me to immerse myself in the works of two English painters, an English architect who flourished during the neoclassical period, as well as a Venetian artist much loved by the British.

[In the following essay, Lindberg examines Hogarth's technique of borrowing narrative and satiric strategies from eighteenth-century theater in his paintings and engravings. Music in the Eighteenth Century.

Search this site. Music in the Eighteenth Century: Digital Resources Canaletto, View of the City of London in the mid eighteenth century. Map. Essays on Opera in Age of Enlightenment, ed. John A. Rice (Hillsdale: Pendragon, ), – Start studying Chapter Eleven. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

Search. During the early eighteenth century, which of the following areas was most closely associated with London's very poor? William Hogarth's Gin Lane, which explores the consequences of Londoners being addicted to gin.

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