Ib math portfolio sl

MAED in Education Curriculum Instruction Mathematics SL "This course caters for students who already possess knowledge of basic mathematical concepts, and who are equipped with the skills needed to apply simple mathematical techniques correctly.

Ib math portfolio sl

Please note that the sample papers on sale on his site are not the IB exam papers. They are written by the owner of the website. Useful for those not sure what information needs to be provided in an examination answer when using a GDC.

IB Portfolio - A clear outline of good and bad portfolios with linked examples and breakdown of pros and cons. Simple yet useful guide to completing your portfolio with minimal fuss. Contains tips, common problems and grading rubric. Links to actual projects unfortunately broken Fun and Games Mathematical, of course IXL - Bright, colourful website full of educational games for little'uns.

With more than a thousand topics, suitable for Pre-Kindegarten up to Sixth Grade. Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles Gamequarium - Site with links hundreds of math sites containing games and interactive lessons.

Probably more for the kids! Try and get your name on the scoreboard! Lumosity - Brain training for kids and adults alike.

Free to demo and lots of activities to try out. Handles most explicit, implicit and parametric equations you can think of elegantly. Geogebra - A very useful graphing program, not as powerful in plotting equations as GrafEq but has a lot useful functions, not least the "slider".

Omnigraph - Besides plotting graphs, analysing gradients or areas and solving differential equations, you can also draw polygons and reflect, rotate, enlarge or translate them.

Ib math portfolio sl

Geometer's Sketchpad - Another popular software. Although the quality does come at a cost.Nov 15,  · IB Math SL Type 2 Portfolio Fish Autograph and Excel Tips for Comparing Functions.

Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. Uncle Lee Classroom. Home. The MASTER. Exam Timetable. Fee and Charges.

How to pay with Paypal? IB Mathematics HL and SL IA Tips. Unless this is set by your school, I recommend that includes followings: There should be a nice flow throughout your portfolio, which is supposed to be one whole essay not divided into sections.

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Ib Math Ia Sl Portfolio Essay Math SL Portfolio – Tips and Reminders Checklist Notation and Terminology Check for the following: • I did not use calculator notation.

(I didn’t include things like ‘x^2’ for or Sn for Sn) • I used appropriate mathematical vocabulary. IB Geography & History HL SL IA EE The internal assessment is a very important aspect of the IB Geography course. For SL students it accounts for 25% of the final mark and for the HL students it accounts or 20% of the final mark.

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