Nickelodeon in latin america

Its original name was derived from the preschool-oriented program that aired on the network from its launch until Pinwheel Nickelodeon yellow bumper from A -0 Pinwheel Nickelodeon blue bumper from B Nickelodeon — A better version of this logo is needed, due to the picture quality, inaccuracies or other issues with the uploaded logo.

Nickelodeon in latin america

LinkedIn Situation Analysis Nickelodeon is basically a cable channel for the children of ages 2 to 11 years old, launched in the year Later, the channel was acquired by one of the major powerhouse called as Viacom, in the year In the international expansion, a major role was played by Taran Swan who was a Harvard Business School graduate and was quite interested in the Latin America market for the expansion of Nickelodeon.

Taran Swan had begun her career at Nickelodeon in business development and later she had taken the post of general manager as she had turned around a European launch which was failing.

She had written the major part of the due diligence of Nickelodeon for expansion in Latin America. Therefore, was the right time for Nickelodeon to enter this market before the market became more saturated. In order to move the business planning process forward she had convinced the corporate office in New York in order to distribute the development funds.

It was in the yearthat Nickelodeon was given the full corporate approval and the minimum distribution targets were set.

She emphasized to build a team that could think out of the box and do not resist to take any risks. In order to control the costs, MTV Latin America, which was the sister partner of had contributed in infrastructure and also staff to assist the launch that was taking place in Miami, until the company started to grow on its own.

Managing the newly formed team was proving to be quite difficult for Swan and she did not wanted to compromise over quality and price, knowing the fact that she could lose the funds at any time.

Furthermore, the issues related to the different management styles of the managers as some were new to the industry and were young, while other managers belonged to Nickelodeon and MTV.

The primary decision maker of this whole proposal was Taran Swan and not due to her pregnancy issues and the fact that her medical condition required her to take rest for up to a half year or even more. Therefore, the primary risk being faced by Nickelodeon is that it will be facing the absence of the authority which might impact negatively over the expansion plan and affect the productivity negatively.

There are many issues and disputes that highlight problems being created for instance, Neuhaus wanted the sales team to be positioned around the location of MTV while, Byrne wanted that the staff be moved along with the staff of Nickelodeon.

If there had been a any senior authority then this dispute could have been resolved. Further, in order to increase the communication, Swan usually held meeting among the managing director, the COO and the president of Nickelodeon.

Nickelodeon in latin america

Now as Swan was not present, therefore, someone had to attend these board meetings. Further, the team at Nickelodeon was pursuing to reach towards the US Hispanic market. However, in order to finalize the final negotiations, a suitable representative was required.

Therefore as soon as possible a decision must be made to appoint a interim leader that would take the place of Swan and handle all of these issues.

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Recommended Strategy Appointing an interim leader and that too from within the team is the most recommended strategy to be taken. A lot of money and time would be saved if this recommendation is implemented. An internal provisional replacement will have many advantages for the company.

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Jul 16,  · Viacom announced Monday that it has greenlighted a revival of the beloved children’s program for a episode run on Nickelodeon, as well as a new live-action feature film featuring CGI characters. Description Nickelodeon Latin America.

Este es un dibujo animado sobre una esponja de mar llamada Bob Esponja. Bob vive en el fondo del Océano Pacífico, cerca de la isla de Atol de Bikini, y siempre se está metiendo en líos, junto a su amigo estrella de mar Patricio.

Nick Jr. is a cable television channel in Latin America owned by Viacom subsidiary Viacom International Media Networks The Americas and aimed. [clarification needed]Currently, the Nick Jr.

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channel features the same programming as the Nick Jr. block on Nickelodeon, as well as some shows previously seen on the block Team . NickALive is a website and blog about Nickelodeon UK's live continuity presenters and on-air presentation, with the latest news! Taran Swan was a shining star at Nickelodeon Latin America.

Swan, a market launch director turned general manager, had helped revive a failing European launch and was now succeeding in the challenging but highly attractive Latin American market.

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