Organizational behavior case how is this stuff going to help me

Strategic change is about forging organizational robustness in the face of environmental pressures.

Organizational behavior case how is this stuff going to help me

Why Change Can Be Difficult to Accomplish Change can be difficult for you and your client to accomplish for a variety of reasons. People are afraid of the unknown. They communicate their fear through direct means, such as complaining about the plans for change. Or, they communicate their fear indirectly, for example, coming late to meetings and not taking agreed-upon actions.

People think things are just fine. This might occur if the executives in the organization have not adequately communicated the need for the change. People are inherently cynical about change. This cynicism often occurs if earlier attempts at change were unsuccessful and it was not admitted to the employees.

People doubt there are effective means to accomplish successful change. They may have read publications in which writers assert that most organizational change efforts fail. There may be conflicting goals in the organizational change effort.

A conflicting goal might be, for example, to significantly increase resources to accomplish change, yet substantially cut costs to remain viable.

That conflict can occur, especially if employees were not involved in the plans for the change.

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Change often goes against values held dear by members in the organization. For example, they might disagree that the organization should maximize profits more than contribute to their community. This situation is not uncommon, particularly in nonprofit organizations.

People get burned out during the change effort. Organizational change usually takes longer to achieve than most people expect. This problem can occur if the question "Is this realistic?

Key leaders leave the organization. Especially in smaller organizations or organizations with very limited resources, leaders might not believe they are receiving sufficient value for what they are investing in the organization. They might conclude that it is better to just leave.

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Or, the change may not be going as expected, and the leaders are asked to leave. Participants do not understand the nature of planned change. Frequently, participants expect the change to be according to a well-designed, well-organized effort that has few surprises.

When surprises do occur, they lose faith in the change effort and seek to abandon it. You can overcome many of those barriers if your consulting project meets the requirements for successful change listed below.Lesson #1, Assignment #2: Chapter 1 Case Study Study Chapter 1 Organizational Behavior Case, "How Is This Stuff Going to Help Me?," found on page 29 of Organizational Behavior (11th Edition) and answer the following questions: 1.

Organizational behavior case how is this stuff going to help me

Organizational Behavior Case: How Is This Stuff Going to Help Me? 29 Organizational Behavior Case: Too Nice to People 29 xii Organizational Behavior Case: Conceptual Model: Organizational Approaches to Managing Diversity 41 Ethics and Ethical Behavior in Organizations 10 Critical Questions for Change Leaders Two or three years ago I read a news story about an executive who had been hired to turn around the fortunes of .

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Organizational behavior case how is this stuff going to help me

Go outside your company for help If HR has made it clear that they don't have your back, it's time to start looking for support elsewhere. Fried recommends alerting the U.S. Equal Employment.

Feb 22,  · Define Acceptable Behavior: You know what they say about assuming Just having a definition for what constitutes acceptable behavior is a positive step in avoiding conflict. Creating a .

Guidelines, Methods and Resources for Organizational Change Agents