Ptlls unit 2 task b

A definition and discussion In this piece Mark K Smith explores the nature of teaching — those moments or sessions where we make specific interventions to help people learn particular things.

Ptlls unit 2 task b

Learning Outcome 1 Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Lifelong Learning Summary -The whole unit must be completed to achieve the 3 credits available -Keep all relevant materials as evidence -The following units can help inform on this Unit: Within the lifelong sector teaching role as with all teaching roles there will be many scenarios which will require vigilant adherence to health and safety procedures.

The most common, and general procedure to be covered within any area of teaching is Fire Safety. This will be relevant to my own practice, whether I specialise in running workshops on environmental sustainability, tree planting, organic plot conversion and farming, low carbon cookery, assisting behavioural change in energy usage, or within an organic food production and soil science context.

All the afore-mentioned areas are my current specialisms. I also intend to teach out of doors, via community regeneration projects, such as brownfields conversion growing schemes. The Fire Drill procedures could be included as part of the student induction, and delivered as a Ground Rule, in autocratic teaching style.

This will facilitate the understanding and discussion of the importance of these set safety measures, and how and when to proceed in the event of a drill, or fire. All potential hazards would be analysed. The reason to incorporate health and safety procedures into the student Ground Rules, and Induction Process, is to lay out these measures, from the beginning of the course.

For example within organic food production, correct use of spades, shovel, rotivation machinery, are all paramount, to avoid accident or injury.

In summary, my responsibility, as a teacher is to: If not, address this with the individual learner immediately. Ideally every two — fours hours, as a maximum. Equality Act In essence this act has been put in place to ensure that the Laws surrounding Equality are both streamlined, simplified and therefore made more accessible for everyone.

In context of teaching, a teacher is defined as experiencing diversity if 2 or more learners are under their supervision. The main points covered in the Act are summarised on Gov. Uk as the following: It replaced previous anti-discrimination laws with a single Act, making the law easier to understand and strengthening protection in some situations.

The 9 characteristics that this Act Protects are: In any instance, the role and responsibility of teacher, with regards to this regulation, is to always aim to make lessons as inclusive as possible, with recourse to all learners having fair and equal capacity to take full part in the lesson, and absorb the content as easily as possible.

If, in the incident that a student reported abuse, it would be necessary to disclose this to third party, in order to attain help for the student. It would be pertinent to remember, any working practice introduced, must take into account the needs and capabilities of the class as whole, as evinced earlier within the example of a wheelchair user.

Where possible students should never be excluded from activities on any grounds. Review all equipment needs, and resources required by the class.

It will also be essential to have a discussion about extra support, and any learning aids, if these have been requested, or are required. It connotes that regardless of the background and circumstances of the learner, they are entitled to the support that they need in order to facilitate healthy, happy, enjoyable learning experience; as well as to make a positive contribution, and to achieve economic wellbeing.

After the abuse, and death of Victoria Climbie, a Government Review put in place new structures to cover children, and young adults up to the age of 19 and 24 years of age for adults with learning disabilities. These are the 5 main outcomes which a teacher should strive to provide for the best possible learning experience, and which teachers are measured against: Be a Role Model for your Learners 3 Inclusive Sessions- everyone should be able to contribute, to be involved with the sessions, and to achieve a successful learning outcome.

Structure, Plan, Deliver programmes and sessions that will be enjoyable for learners- this pertains to including different ways of communicating information — i. The Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Actalso deals with protecting vulnerable individuals who are adults.

This includes anyone who is over 18 and may not, for differing reasons, be able or capable, of taking care of themselves. This may be because they have a mental health problem, a disability, a sensory impairment, are old and frail, or have some form of illness.

Education and training providers need to be prepared to deal with all aspects of creating a safer environment. This creates a safer environment for all.

These materials may be electronically, or manually stored hard copy. The purpose of the Act is to protect the rights and privacy of individuals, and to ensure that data about them are not processed without their knowledge and are processed with their consent wherever possible.FEATURING: Express (similar items>) jacket, sweater and tee.

Another winter day, another winter outfit. When I’m not traveling, I’m battling the frigid new york weather like an onion.

Layers on layers of neutral colors, and most being black. A definition for starters: Teaching is the process of attending to people’s needs, experiences and feelings, and intervening so that they learn particular things, and go beyond the given.

SAT word list This word list has essential SAT words to help boost your vocabulary. Free SAT prep from Ptlls Assignment 1 marked work in a reasonable time Wilson L.

() Practical Teaching A Guide to Ptlls and Ctlls. Cengage Learning p4 The role and responsibility of a teacher. Essay about Ptlls Assignment 2 Task 1understand Inclusive Learning and Teaching in Lifelong Learning 1- Understand inclusive learning and teaching in lifelong learning This briefing document is for staff development and is designed to support staff to have a better understanding of inclusive learning and teaching in lifelong learning.

Ptlls unit 2 task b

The Holy Bible: King James Version. Psalms 1.

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