Techniques for organizing persuasive speeches

Reference to practical experience Meeting objections First, you need to clearly state the attitude, value, belief, or action you want your audience to accept. The purpose of this statement is to clearly tell your audience what your ultimate goal is.

Techniques for organizing persuasive speeches

Aristotle said that all speaking is persuasive speaking.

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After all, who am I to argue with Aristotle?!? Regardless of the venue 10 people or 1, people, a conference, a sales call, or a feedback sessionwe, as speakers, are always trying to sell our credibility and value — not to mention our ideas.

Techniques for organizing persuasive speeches

Hence, all speaking is persuasive. Just think for a minute how much time would be saved if people read the material in advance, and the group time was spent answering questions. That being said, presenting information in a way that shows passion and enthusiasm not only makes the material more interesting, but the speaker more memorable and inspirational — even persuasive.

There are 4 critical factors. Logos Translated from Greek, it means logic. Information must make sense — it needs to be organized logically so people can follow along. Not only is organization important, but so are the facts and figures that make your case.

Techniques for organizing persuasive speeches

We are moved by our emotions — hitting the heart and the gut. Not everyone is moved by the same things, however. Some people are motivated by money; others by prestige or power. The better you know the people that you want to persuade their demographics, job levels, reasons for being there, etc.

Want to learn more? Ethos Your ethos is your credibility. If people believe and trust you as a speaker, you will have a much easier time getting them to believe what you have to say. There would always be an undercurrent of skepticism.

Passion No matter what the message, a speaker must deliver it with passion. Use vocal variation that makes the message convincing. I have frequently been called a motivational speaker, but I see myself as a high content speaker who is passionate about my message.

Not only is vocal passion critical, but it must be congruent with your visual body language. My answer to them is … There are no boring topics. Boring is an attitude. There are boring speakers. If your message can help audience members, and you believe in its content, it is up to you to deliver it enthusiastically so that people get excited.

Each listener should be aware of the ultimate purpose of the person presenting the message. It is easy to be swayed when the speaker is using logic, emotion, unearned credibility and passion.

Use these persuasive speaking tools well. A Look at Logos, or Logic There are many ways to organize your information in a presentation, to be more persuasive.Guide to organizing your persuasive speech.

Persuasive speaking can be used for the greater good or for negative purposes. For Persuasive Speaking, Use These Four Powerful Techniques Feb 05, by Gary Genard Here are four powerful techniques that will help convince and activate listeners.

Organizing information for a persuasive speech will help to convince your audience of your point and keeps information flowing in a logical order.

This can be done using a problem/solution order. Thought Patterns for Persuasive Speeches (showing steps/ types of main points) Problem – Solution (a one-sided approach); Problem – why there is a need for change / action. Organizing Persuasive Speeches and Essays _____ Subject Areas: English/Language Arts and Social Studies.


Grade Students can complete the diagrams and go to Outline View to finish organizing and begin drafting their speeches or essays. Be sure to emphasize that they should keep a careful record of the sources they use for a Works Cited or. Persuasive speakers use analogy to make a comparison between what they are proposing and something simple and clear the audience is already familiar with.

The advantage of using an analogy is that several ideas can be captured in a short phrase or fewer words.

Persuasive Speeches – Organizing the Body