The end of humanity and universe

Wormhole kit not included. Depending on the prophecy, the world is predestined to expire by means of a solar stormasteroid strike, rogue-planet collision, plague, falling stars, earthquake, debt crisis, or some combination thereof. Of course, nobody seems to be preparing for any of these impending apocalypses, with the exception of a porn studio reportedly building a clothing-optional underground bunker. And why should we?

The end of humanity and universe

Deadpool and Juggernaut were known inmates here. Its location is undisclosed and only high-ranking S. It has a special program where prisoners are brainwashed to become obedient soldiers.

The Cube was created by writer Grant Morrison and artist J. Jones in Marvel Boy 6 When last seen in Civil War: The Ice Box held a crime lord named Ivan the Terrible. The Ice Box first appeared in Maverick 8. It also appeared in the film Deadpool 2housing mutant fugitives such as DeadpoolRusty CollinsBlack Tom Cassidyand Juggernaut although his status as a mutant in the X-Men film universe is unknown.

Kyln The Kyln were a series of artificial moons at the edge of known space, which served both as a superhuman prison and a source of nearly unlimited power.

Operations at the Kyln were overseen by the Nova Corps. All life on the Kyln moons was extinguished in Annihilation Prologue 1. Before coming together, the members of the Guardians of the Galaxy had been imprisoned here alongside other unnamed inmates where some of them have personal issues with Gamora.

It is also known as the Ant-Hill due to operators using versions of the Ant-Man helmet to influence ants to act as security within the prison. Frontline 5, it is a prison originally constructed to house super-villains but which acted as a holding facility for unregistered heroes during the civil war.

The portal to the prison is operated by S. The prison itself is an automated facility. The inmates call the facility " Fantasy Island " and "Wonderland", probably because prisoners who are unable to manipulate technology to their own ends are connected to virtual reality systems.

It is also referred to as "File 42" due to it being the 42nd item on a list written by Tony StarkReed Richards and Hank Pym of ways to make a world with super-powered beings safer. The prison is an extremely secure, clean facility with cells custom-designed for each inhabitant.

After the war, it is now used for super-villains, and was known to house at the very least Taskmaster and Lady Deathstrike until Taskmaster made a deal with Camp Hammond to become an instructor and Lady Deathstrike somehow escaped as she appeared in X-Men: However, the prison was later overrun by Negative Zone ruler Blaastar.

Prison 42 appears in the Avengers: Instead, it simply serves as a new prison for superpowered individuals which is eventually attacked by Annihilus.

Pegasus was originally intended to research alternative and unusual forms of energy, but is also used as a prison for super-powered individuals with energy-based powers. It is located in the Adirondack MountainsNew York.

The Raft is a fictional prison facility for super-human criminals predominantly supervillains in the Marvel Universe.

It is broken into by Sabretooth and Mystiquewho start a prison riot and free Magneto.

The end of humanity and universe

Rogers subsequently breaks them out at the end of the film. Slingshot episode "John Hancock". An Easter egg pertaining to The Raft is also included in a deleted scene in the film Deadpoolin which the main antagonist Ajax is being escorted on a boat to "The Raft Prison.

The end of humanity and universe

Many insane murderers and supervillains were kept at Ravencroft. The institute is officially opened in Web of Spider-Man Annual 10 The institute is featured in a number of Spider-Man storylines. Ashley Kafka was the founder and first director of Ravencroft.

John Jameson was head of security. Both were fired in Spectacular Spider-Man and Dr. Known patients at Ravencroft include CarnageChameleonD. The institute reappeared in Vengeance of the Moon Knight.

In this incarnation it housed mostly non-superpowered psychopaths and had an imposing metal front gate a gothic facade similar to Arkham Asylum.Physicist Jim Al-Khalili explores the science behind the origins of our universe and new insights that hint at the surprising ways it could end. Physicist Jim Al-Khalili explores the science behind the origins of our universe and new insights that hint at the surprising ways it could end.

Professor. Futures End was DC Comics' universe-wide event for , chronicling Batman (Terry McGinnis)'s journey back in time, in order to stop Brother Eye from taking over the world and wiping out humanity. Futures End was DC Comics' universe-wide event for , chronicling Batman (Terry McGinnis)'s.

The Fallacy of Fine-Tuning: Why the Universe Is Not Designed for Us [Victor J. Stenger] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

A number of authors have noted that if some physical parameters were slightly changed, the universe could no longer support life.

ALKINOOS. The robot pilot of the Star-Seed, he guided Wayfinder and Delphos off of Ithacon, and then led Wayfinder to Witch-World.

He was capable of dispensing with a monstrous alien that tried to board the Star-Seed on Witch-World. Check out Humanity's Fall: Universe. It’s one of the millions of unique, user-generated 3D experiences created on Roblox.

Welcome to Humanity's Fall: Universe! The Beginning and End of the Universe TV-PG 1 Season Physicist Jim Al-Khalili explores the science behind the origins of our universe and new insights that hint at the surprising ways it could end.

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