The storming of bastille essay

Background[ edit ] During the reign of Louis XVIFrance faced a major economic crisiscaused in part by the cost of intervening in the American Revolutionand exacerbated by a regressive system of taxation. The king initially opposed this development, but was forced to acknowledge the authority of the assembly, which renamed itself the National Constituent Assembly on 9 July. The commoners had formed the National Guardsporting tricolore cockades cocardes of blue, white and red, formed by combining the red and blue cockade of Paris and the white cockade of the king. These cockades, and soon simply their colour scheme, became the symbol of the revolution and, later, of France itself.

The storming of bastille essay

By Mircea Platon More than any other event of the eighteenth century, the French Revolution, which began inchanged the face of modern politics across Europe and the world. It overturned the longstanding French system of monarchical government and introduced the ideas of liberty, equality, fraternity, and human and civil rights to modern political practice.

This dramatic action signaled the beginning of the French Revolutiona decade of political turmoil and terror in which King Louis XVI was overthrown and tens of thousands of people, including the king and his wife Marie-Antoinettewere executed.

By the summer ofFrance was moving quickly toward revolution.

The storming of bastille essay

On July 12, royal authorities transferred barrels of gunpowder to the Bastille, and Launay brought his men into the massive fortress and raised its two drawbridges.

Visit Website At dawn on July 14, a great crowd armed with muskets, swords, and various makeshift weapons began to gather around the Bastille. Upon arriving at the Hotel de Ville, where Launay was to be arrested and tried by a revolutionary council, he was instead pulled away by a mob and murdered.

The capture of the Bastille symbolized the end of the ancien regime and provided the French revolutionary cause with an irresistible momentum.

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Inthe monarchy was abolished and Louis and his wife Marie-Antoinette were sent to the guillotine for treason in The storming of the Bastille also reminds us that modern citizens were not only born out of acts of valor or cruelty only, but also out of the act of remembering and out of the strong desire for justice.

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The Bastille itself was seen as a massive stone dungeon that loomed at the center of Paris.

It was the local symbol of feudal and unjust rule, a den of torture, and unspeakable deaths. It was said that in the cells during winter it was a cold and an ice box and in the summer they are humid ovens with barely any light to dry out the moist walls.

Check out our top Free Essays on Storming Of The Bastille to help you write your own Essay. A few years after the storming of the Bastille, during the reign of terror, King Louis XVI lost was beheaded.

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The storming of bastille essay

Throughout history, symbols have had an overwhelming presence among citizens. The French Revolution had many symbols that represented power. Did the events leading up to the storming of the Bastille persuade the French citizens to believe that it was a symbol of power?

These causes.

Storming of the Bastille - Wikipedia