World wide web prediction

Some Christians and secular individuals predicted several momentous events that they believed are related: The war of Armageddon -- a massive battle in Israel. The arrival on earth of the Antichrist, an evil political, military leader.

World wide web prediction

Many Interpreters have translated nostradamus quatrains about the end of world. Though time Is not exactly mentioned yet some relate it to the mayan prophecy of end of world in World wide web prediction experts also relate it to world war III that is believed to be predicted by nostradamus many many years ago.

Here are some famous quatrains about end of world that when you look at present day happenings could be fulfilled any day now … Nostradamus Prophecy 1 For forty years the rainbow will not appear; For forty years it will be seen every day: The arid earth will grow more dry, And great floods when it will be seen.

Century 1, Quatrain 17 This quatrain is interesting as it describe about continuous appearance and disappearance of Rainbow for 40 years.

World wide web prediction

Many believe it may happen due to use of nuclear weapons which further suggest that this may happen In world war III or in case of an attack by Israel against Iran. The powerful nuclear weapon may adversely affect climate and earth atmosphere leading to this strange natural phenomenon.

But also the climate is changing, the magnetic poles are shifting at this moment. Nostradamus Prophecy 2 You will see, sooner and later, great changes made, Extreme horrors and vengeances: For as the moon is thus led by its angel, The heavens draw near to the reckoning.

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Century 1, Quatrain 56 Great changes are being made! Also at this time it is just a matter of months untill Iran will show us that they have a nuclear bomb. The heavens draw near to the reckoning, we are close to the end of times as we know it. Nostradamus Prophecy 3 Pestilences extinguished, the world becomes smaller, For a long time the lands will be inhabited in peace: People will travel safely through the sky over land and wave: Then wars will start anew.

Century 1, Quatrain 63 This Nostradamus prophecy clearly points to the coming of a third world war!

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Pestilences extinguished, the world becomes smaller. Nostradamus Prophecy 4 The gods will make it appear to the humans, That they will be the authors of a great conflict: Sword and lance before heaven is observed as serene, So that on the left hand there will be great affliction.

The Gods will return. They are the authors of a great conflict, here comes the Battle of Armageddon: Humans against Aliens … you think this is weird?

They will return where they left!

World wide web prediction

Because of death too late a great people re-created, Late and soon comes the awaited help Century 2, Quatrain 45 Very important prophecy: They may also use the term ambigender or polygender to describe themselves.

They may identify as non-gendered, genderneutral, agendered, between genders, genderqueer, multigendered, intergendered, pangender or gender fluid. The rest of the prophecy could point to Humans OR the Aliens: The awaited help could also point to another race of Aliens that want to help humankind.The book is a summary of a time series forecasting competition that was held a number of years ago.

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Audio Related Internet Site List - updated daily by Steve Ekblad. Failed end of the world predictions 30 CE to About 30 CE: The Christian Scriptures (New Testament), when interpreted literally, appear to record many predictions by Yeshua of Nazareth (Jesus Christ) that God's Kingdom would arrive within a very short period, or was actually in the process of arriving.

For example, Jesus is recorded as saying in Matthew " there shall be some.

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