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Write an email clipart png

Sunday, September 7, Math Daily 3, How We Started When the second edition of The Daily 5 came out earlier this year I was thrilled to see the authors included a chapter about math. A few years ago I tried to implement the Math Daily 5 that was outlined on the authors' website thedailycafe.

At that point there were five components to their math block. I found that I did not have enough time to get to all five activities each day. So, that year I toned it down a little and did my version, which by coincidence was three parts math by myself, math with a partner, and math with the teacher.

We stuck with that structure for the rest of the year, but I didn't love it enough to continue on that same path the next year. Hello Math Daily 3! Math Daily 3 includes: Of the three elements, Math Writing was the one I was most concerned about implementing with my first graders.

After a lot of thought and some research, checking out what other bloggers are doing with their Math Writing I decided to use a couple of resources that are ready to print and go.

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No point in reinventing the wheel, right? Both of these packets have printable pages that students can glue into their math journals and then write their responses.

We spent a good couple of weeks doing Math Writing together as a class. I wanted my students to understand the quality of responses I expect to see.

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My main concern with Math Writing was and is that students will complete it much sooner than the other activities going on during the Math Daily 3 rotations. So I'm working on some early finisher tasks. I plan to use math centers that do not require recording sheetssimple games, and puzzles.

Of course, students may not need additional activities during their Math Writing time, but it doesn't hurt to have them ready just in case.

Math By Myself, in my class is a time for students to work on their math assignments independently and a time to meet with the teacher. I meet with a leveled group of students and we do some work on the day's skill.

We use might use white boards, counters, activities mats, and so on. After we complete our hands on activity, I'll give instructions and answer questions about that day's written assignment.

Students will return to their desks to complete their assignment, I will be available to them if they need my help. For example, this week we worked on Touch Math addition. During their time with me students used white boards to practice drawing the dots and circles on the touch numbers.

They also practiced writing touch math addition equations and solving them.

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After our meeting students completed their assignments independently. While Math by Myself may not be totally "by myself," it does give students some time to work on their own and it gives me some time to level instruction for the diverse needs in my classroom.

For Math with Someone I am mainly using math centers. Most of these centers are review and some of them lay the groundwork for upcoming concepts. Each day students choose a partner and then a center they would like to complete. In the past I assigned partners and setup a schedule for our math and literacy centers.

However, after reading about a simple idea to keep track of math center completions, I knew I had to try giving students a little more autonomy. Here's how it works.

I printed a list of student names for each center and then laminated them.

write an email clipart png

When students complete the center, they mark their names off the list. It's less on me and the students actually get to have some choice. Thanks for such a great idea Cara Carroll. The centers we use during Math with Someone include center pieces and recording sheets.

Each student is responsible for completing a recording sheet. If students finish their center before the rotation time is up, they mix their cards up and match them again.

Student usually love Math with Someone. They get an opportunity to work away from their seats and to work with a partner. I love math centers for because they provide that constant review students need to stay on top of math skills.

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write an email clipart png

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