Write an expression for the area of the rectangle below

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Write an expression for the area of the rectangle below

After performing some operations, what number is your answer always a multiple of?

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Perimeter Expressions Age 11 to 14 Challenge Level: Why do this problem? Along the way, the challenges will provoke some insights that will be worth sharing. Issues relating to the dimensions in formulae for areas and lengths might emerge.

This printable worksheet may be useful: Hand out sheets of paper A4 is ideal and introduce the problemgiving students time to cut out their five rectangles. How many different perimeters can they find? Once they have done this, discuss: Students could make a shape in pairs and work out the area and perimeter to give to another pair without letting them see the shapeto see if they can create a shape with the same area and perimeter.

There is opportunity for fruitful discussion when the two shapes are compared, to see what is the same and what is different, and to see if one can be transformed into the other. Alternatively, collect together the areas and perimeters on the board. Finally, the "questions to consider" provide some interesting points for discussion - students could be invited to suggest questions they think mathematicians might ask themselves, with the list in the problem used to prompt ideas if necessary.

Key questions How do we know whether an expression represents an area rather than a perimeter? What does the area expression tell us about the pieces used to make the shape? Possible extension Number Pyramids builds on this activity by challenging students to create algebraic expressions to explain a relationship.

Begin by looking for numerical relationships rather than algebraic ones, and perhaps introduce the algebra to explain the patterns students find.The result will be that the top half of the video is mirrored onto the bottom half of the output video.

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· A formula for the perimeter of a rectangle is given in words. Write the formula in algebraic notation.

Area of a Circle

Perimeter = 2(Length) + 2(Width) 7. The formula for the area of a rectangle is given in algebraic notation. Translate it into words. A = LW 8.


Use the formula to calculate each perimeter. Lesson 3: Perimeter and Area length: yunusemremert.com~lmonth/PreAlg/yunusemremert.com Write and evaluate an expression for the area of a circular pizza below. 4a ϩ 2b Ϫ c2 2s ϩ GEOMETRY The area of a circle is related to the radius of the circle such that the product of the square of the radius and a number ␲ gives the area.

write an expression for the area of the rectangle below

4(3 ϩ 5) Ϫ 5 и 4 12 yunusemremert.com

write an expression for the area of this rectangle 20cm on the top 4cm on the